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Smoked Fish and Caviar

We offer an assortment of hot-smoked and cold-smoked fish

Smoked Fish

For many thousands of years, humans have been salting and smoking fish. This technique of drying, brining and smoking fish began as a means of preservation before the advent of modern refrigeration. The unique and savoury taste imparted by the smoking process has since made smoked fish a delicacy, enjoyed by many different cultures around the world. We offer an assortment of hot-smoked and cold-smoked fish, from a range of different origins, including salmon, sardine, sturgeon, flounder, trout, mackerel, and herring.

The different flavours of smoked fish are achieved in part by the type of wood selected during the smoking process (most commonly oak, alder or mesquite), and of course, the type of fish used. If you love a more smokey flavour, choose a fattier fish like salmon or trout since the smoke is absorbed more readily. For a full-flavoured experience, opt for whole smoked fish or fillets with the skin still on for a crispy texture.

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Without question, caviar (fish roe) is a king among delicacies. Black caviar which comes from sturgeon-type fish, is well known for being an extravagant and expensive garnish. Fortunately, there are plenty of different types of caviar available at a much more affordable price. We carry many varieties  of red caviar like salmon, carp, and trout. For those extra special occasions, we also offer the more luxurious types.

We sell our caviar in bulk (by weight) as well as pre-canned. Add it to buttered toast as a salty topping, or on cracker and cheese canapés. Of course, if you’re savouring the black variety, you’ll want only a tiny spoonful – the flavour is exhilarating!

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