IDF Menu

Our seasoned in-house chefs work hard to prepare delicious, traditional homestyle take-away meals, daily. Freshly baked bread, scrumptious pastries, and beautiful artisanal cakes can be found in our bakery department.

IDF Menu / Side Dishes-old

Great choice of European side dishes

Great and ever expanding choice of side dishes!

Like mama used to make them!

Our Side Dishes Selection

Fried Potato and Mushrooms
Fried Potato
Buckwheat 0.25L / 0.5L / 1L
Rice and Vegetables
Baked Vegetables
Cheese Pancakes
Cheese Casserole
Blints Stuffed Meat

Small burgers

Homemade Sausage
Sausages in Dough
Braised Cabbage
Noodles and Meat
Potato Zrazy
Mushrooms Casserole
Tongue and Mushrooms
Meat Casserole
Blintz Stuffed Cheese

When it comes to mains and side dishes...

We’ve got all the good stuff!

Shish kebabs, stuffed peppers, fried fish, cabbage rolls, stuffed chicken, baked potatoes, blinchikis (crepes) with all types of filling – meat, mushroom, cheese, and of course, we also serve them plain.