IDF Menu

Our seasoned in-house chefs work hard to prepare delicious, traditional homestyle take-away meals, daily. Freshly baked bread, scrumptious pastries, and beautiful artisanal cakes can be found in our bakery department.

IDF Menu / Hot Dishes-old

We pride ourselves in offering classic, “no frills”, simply delectable dishes

We bring out the best flavour in our foods!

Natural, high quality ingredients

Our Hot Dshes Selection

Chicken Wings
Chicken Ham
Chicken Cutlets
Shish Kebob
Chicken Schnitzel
Pork Schnitzel
French Beef
Chicken and Mushrooms
Stuffed Chicken

Small burgers

Beef Stroganoff
Pork Stake
Meat Balls
IDF Cutlets
Baked Beef Tongue
Kiev Cutlets
Fried Bassa Filets
Fried Bassa Filets & Carrots
Fried Carp
Stuffed Whole White Fish

Healthy, fresh and tasty!

Impressive Choice of Hot Dishes

For your next party or event, save yourself time and stop by our hot food counter for some excellent hors d’oeuvres and take-home meals. When your guests compliment you on the food, we promise we won’t mind if you take the credit for it – it’s homemade after all!

Cabbage Rolls
Stuffed Pepper
Baked Salmon
Fried Whiting
Gefilte Fish
Lula Kebob
Port Spareribs
Fried Chicken Liver
Fried Bassa & Crab Meat
Fried Ocean Smelt
Chicken and Sweet Pepper