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Our seasoned in-house chefs work hard to prepare delicious, traditional homestyle take-away meals, daily. Freshly baked bread, scrumptious pastries, and beautiful artisanal cakes can be found in our bakery department.

Fruits and Vegetables

high quality products at affordable prices

Healthy choice and
balanced meals

Eating healthy and balanced meals is key to supporting optimal health, and that means supplementing your diet with a variety of different fruits and vegetables. In our produce department, you’ll find all the colours of the rainbow!

Crunchy and sweet red, green and yellow bell peppers, plump tomatoes, aromatic fresh herbs and crispy salad greens, earthy beets and other root vegetables – a chef’s “artist palette” indeed! Take home a basket of juicy cherries, delicious strawberries or tangy blackberries and get your fill of powerful antioxidants. For a special treat, indulge in some exotic fruits that will excite your taste buds.

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Our deli counter staff are
friendly and knowledgeable

When you shop for your groceries, you expect high quality products at affordable prices. We make sure to handle our produce with care and select the freshest fruits and vegetables for you and your family to enjoy. We also understand that shopping locally-sourced is important for today’s environmentally and health-conscious consumers, so we provide Ontario-grown options delivered straight from local farms. Always remember to look for in-season produce when available to help reduce your ecological footprint!

For your special occasions and events, make the prep work as effortless as possible by pre-ordering one of our delectable veggie or fruit platters.

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